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What are memories exactly? This question has been speculated by many scientific fictional stories. We often think we’ve got so many things figured out. I hear globalists say “God is dead, and humans are hackable, and that ‘free will’ doesn’t exist.” Sure there have been incredible advancements made in technology. The latest being the whole AI issue. Those of us who actually have experienced God in many ways that words aren’t enough — ‘know’ beyond our minds and intellect that there is reality beyond this one.

Jesus talks about His kingdom, the Kingdom of God, The Kingdom of Heaven. So to the globalists nothing exists beyond death for the human being. Of course that runs completely opposite to the gospel and what Jesus taught. There have been MANY who have had NDE’s (near death experiences), and their stories / testimonies are worth pondering. In the gospel of Luke (16) Jesus even mentions a story of one who died, but still existed after and the torment he was in. Actually I think those who deny God are consumed with fear and so they are working feverishly to conquer ‘death’ to be able to live forever. Yet — Jesus has already done that, and is willing to accept anyone who will repent and receive His gift that He did for them by giving His life for them, so that they will receive eternal life.

And here we still are … celebrating the story of the birth of Jesus some 2000 years later. One of the biggest stories in history. For the longest time there really was only one book — that gathered all these ancient writings together. We now know it as the Bible. That book has been proven over and over scientifically, historically, archeologically, to be the most correct ancient collection of writings ever preserved.

My mind is always trying to ‘connect the dots’ with all of the swirling information flying these days. It certainly seems the forces of evil are advancing at an alarming rate these days. Yet — the Lord / Kings of Kings is still coming to advance His Kingdom into human hearts. The Father has set the ‘time’ of the end, and there is nothing we can do to change His schedule for these events. We can only change our hearts and attitudes towards Him. Yet for this ‘old’ man it sure seems that the times are speeding up.

So as the world becomes more and more dangerous and evil seems to be advancing everywhere, we need to be even more focused on Him. We need to be listening for His Voice within us. We need to be obedient to the Voice of the Holy Spirit and not dismiss that “still small Voice” when He speaks to us. We need to be connecting with others who are part of ‘His’ family — certainly much more than the ‘entertainment’ hour our packaged religion sets out each Sunday morning. Religion has corrupted so many things that were once pure and Holy. We need to really connect with one another — with real conversations — with real heartfelt concern and prayer. It seems that those conversations happening face to face in person are becoming less and less as everyone spends more time in an alternate reality of social media.

This ‘old’ man encourages you to spend more time with people in a space where you can actually touch them .. physically. During this time — make a conscious effort to actually ‘touch’ others … with real concern / love for them, by the prompts of the Holy Spirit. We will need one another in times of crisis.

So maranatha!! 

[if you don’t know — look it up ;-)]

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