And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life. 1 John 5:11-12

Often we are so tied to our limited perspective and senses. Yes it is all we know, … until we encounter Him. Then things begin to change. Our perspective changes. Our knowledge changes. Our experiences change. Our understanding changes. We begin to question so much of what we thought we knew. Life definitely is a gift .. from God. Until you encounter Him and are indwelled by His Spirit .. life doesn’t hold the same holiness and preciousness in one’s understanding. Life is something easily thrown away. Why is that? Mainly because of who has corrupted this earth with their lies because of their hatred for their Creator, after being cast out of their first estate. Who am I speaking about? That angelic creation who sided against the Creator with the one labeled ‘the satan’. They chose to rebel, and are condemned by their Creator. But we humans have a champion by the name of Jesus (Greek name), Yeshua (Hebrew Name) who is the Christ (Greek spelling), the Messiah (Hebrew meaning). It is through Jesus that we actually have … the real life, rather than just existence. We enter into this world surrounded by the curse which all of creation groans waiting for the redemption by the Creator. Our redemption comes through Jesus Christ, by His blood and death on the Cross. His sacrifice brings us into restored relationship with our Creator. Our God comes to indwell us in our very bodies via the Holy Spirit, made possible by Jesus.

Life in Jesus is precious and Holy. Our Creator desires ALL of human creation to experience this redemption into … life eternal. But that faction of the fallen angels? They HATE the human race and wish to destroy as much as possible of it. Their methods have been the same for millennia. Corrupt the very nature and building blocks of the human creation. Change it, manipulate it, and if possible completely destroy it, the younger the better. They want to change the very creation God intended for good. We can literally see those evil methods in full bloom today. Kill as much of the children IN THE WOMB as possible. If they survive the womb, inject them with as much drugs as possible to weaken them and then maim the children so that they can’t produce. Then twist their understanding and make them hate their own God given life and gender of their own body. Make those children hate themselves. Kill and destroy are the fallen’s methods. Steal if possible the good gifts God has given the human race. They set out to do it as early as possible in a human’s life. Humans have an … evil enemy, but most are oblivious to that enemy. But until you have the ‘real life’ you may just become fodder in a massive spiritual war.

Christians need to wake up and understand their enemy, who is crafty and evil and deceptive beyond human comprehension. It takes the Holy Spirit to enlighten the individual as to what the enemy is actually doing to them, and how they are working against them. So many ‘intellectual’ religious Christians have zero revelation of the warfare and tactics of the enemy swirling around them. In fact through deception many Christians have submitted and actually agreed with their enemy, giving the enemy access to their lives. Do you champion the killing of innocent life? Do you champion the sinful ways of lust and sexual depravity?  Do you agree with the greedy ways the enemy has sown into your life? Only the Holy Spirit can change you by YOUR permission. You have to agree with Him and submit to Him for Him to do His work in you. He doesn’t work in anyone who hasn’t given Him the invitation to do what He needs to do to bring you into the plan and status the Father intended for you from the beginning. This ‘work’ of the Holy Spirit in you is a … process that will take your lifetime.

Do you want to know the enemy’s tactics in your own life? Do you want to grow in God and in the purpose He created you for? Both of these goals take an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. It will take His revelation and Rhema (Word) to you personally for you to grow in Him.

Father lead me in.. I submit to you…

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