It’s everywhere and growing. The clarity is becoming greater in the regard as to those who want  Truth and those who want to modify the truth for their own selfish designs. Thus the statement, “You have your truth and I have my truth.” It’s becoming the same issues all the way back from the Garden and the Days of Noah. (Genesis)

Cognitive dissonance is no longer seen as a bad thing. This is why hypocrisy is also no longer seen as something to despise. In fact hypocrisy is necessary for many to say what they say. The lying to one self is at a all time high. Deceiving oneself is now necessary to live with so much of the lies the enemies of God are now espousing. The problem is many WANT to agree with those lies. 

Of course we see this divide happening in the political spectrum. But we are also seeing it in the ‘Church’ spectrum. It’s always been there, but like the political it’s now becoming way more pronounced. Unfortunately the divide is now happening between those disciples who are led by the Holy Spirit and the people going to the institutional setting to ‘receive’ what they should be doing and thinking. The institutional setting has become a …show, an entertainment, a ‘program’, a highly organized and formula driven minute by minute production. The institution uses manipulation tactics to make the people do what the ‘leadership’ has decided the direction they want the congregation to go. Be it a new ‘building project’ or new expansion of some new project. If one says that the Holy Spirit hasn’t given them the go ahead to ‘invest’ in the project, or building, or any other plan the leadership is now trying to go forward with, they are quickly and summarily dismissed as not ‘hearing’ correctly and obviously not a member in ‘good standing’ with the leadership. At best, they are just not allowed into the ‘inner circle’ of those who agree with the leadership. And don’t dare ask questions. Questioning the leadership is forbidden even if it’s just clarification and understanding you are seeking. And yes, many have been wounded by leadership because they dared to .. question them. Are people leaving the institution now? Yes. But the true disciples that are leaving are NOT leaving their ‘faith’ but actually finding it — in bigger ways all around them everyday. They talk ‘Jesus’ more than ever before.

How then is unity of the Body really accomplished?

By just accepting those in leadership have God’s approval, everywhere, at all times? Because they have the title of “Pastor” that they should be believed? That if one is Ordained that they now hear the Holy Spirit better than you do? That academic education is somehow better than the Spirit of God in explaining the scriptures to us inwardly? And only academics have the real answers to the spiritual realm? Blind acceptance of the so-called leadership is not the answer, obviously.

The global trend is centralization. When God’s plan is decentralization down to EACH individual. The Holy Spirit residing in EACH individual. If centralization was God’s plan, then Jesus would have set up a structure of leadership and formulas for the structure. But what did Jesus leave us with? We just went through the observance of Pentecost. Why isn’t that message taught with the emphasis on the Holy Spirit living INSIDE of us? That HE guides us? That HE teaches us? That Jesus said Himself what the coming Holy Spirit would do in our lives. (John 14:26) Oh… because that might upset the institutional structure, and the money flowing in. Got it.

The reformation coming to the Body of Christ in these days is the resurgence of the Holy Spirit taking His rightful place in the leadership of the Body. This will mean a crumbling of the religious structures and institutions of Man of having any ‘life’ at all. Life will only be found where Jesus is. (Matthew 18:20) So then how can you have a big organization where you have lots of staff and a big building complex and weekly expenses that have to be paid? Does the Holy Spirit require those things? Or do we? Why? Why do we need a ‘program’ / worship service to HEAR His instructions to us? Oh … its about the …fellowship then? Not despising the ‘coming together’? Is there REAL fellowship happening every Sunday? Obviously there is .. some… but I would guess it is a MUCH smaller percentage than people would expect. If it had to be judged by the JUDGE of the Universe? I’m pretty sure we’d fall REALLY short. How many people just put on their Sunday ‘mask’ for the morning service time? So what is needed? Honesty. REAL conversations. REAL prayer times. REAL heartfelt confessions. REAL forgiveness. REAL repentance. REAL questions. REAL interactions with one another. Not another file in, file out cinema experience. Not with hundreds of people, …but with two or three. Leadership who ACTUALLY are a part of us. Who don’t see themselves as ‘set apart’ from the ‘flock’, but as a PART of it UNDER the True Shepherd .. Jesus. My guess is most people fighting to keep the current system are really hiding. Hiding from being …real with others and themselves. They like the masks. They like the feeling of checking off the ‘box’ and telling themselves that it’s enough to be seen as a “good Christian”. They like the entertainment. They like the lifestyle. I do get it, cruise ships are fun. But what about all those who REALLY want to meet with Jesus more than just on Sunday morning?

Why can’t disciples ask questions? Aren’t questions needed for actual learning to take place? OR is brainwashing the only acceptable teaching method now? Agree with your ‘betters’ or you’re stupid. Now I get the childhood tactic to ask questions to avoid certain situations and the attempt to manipulate .. the parental authority. But honestly, most parents would LOVE their kids to ask questions who genuinely WANT to learn from them.

What is the one thing that brings real unity? Love. Not the world’s definition, but God’s definition of the word. (1 Corinthians 13) Unity does NOT come through control. If you think so — then your model of leading people is through ..fear and intimidation.

Actually what would I like to see? Kingdom business ventures. Businesses that run by God’s principles and employ people for their gifts, not as widgets in a machine. Where these people all work together and WHILE working can discuss spiritual things together. Where the Holy Spirit gives them new ways that actually HELP the community where they are. Feeding them. Clothing them. Giving people purpose in their daily work. Church isn’t about Sunday morning. It should be a 24/7 thing with those you love and fellowship with. Church is a meeting of people where Jesus joins in. So many think that only happens in one of those buildings that has the name “Church” on it. Actually it happens WAY more often now outside of that building, especially these days.

Call a friend today… and have ‘church’. Work on unity with those you can. There are many who don’t want unity unless you agree with EVERYTHING they do and say. Careful —compromising the Truth for peace for it will leave you with neither. So choose your ‘friends’ wisely. Can your friends have a different opinion than yours? Maybe on some things, but the big issues the Truth is being seen more and more. I will not stop asking questions. I will not stop using the brain God gave me to have critical thinking processes. I will not comply to any master other than Jesus / Holy Spirit.

Time is short, make the most of what you have.

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