Oh that I would just have … faith. On my walk this morning while praying as I usually do early in the morning, I’m pouring out my heart to the Lord. I’m definitely in a season of change right now. It’s time to let go of some cherished things, for the new adventures ahead that will require a more streamlined life. It’s hard to let go of things that you really enjoy(ed). But then I hear His still small Voice inside my head, “Trust Me.” I know it’s …Him, working to get me to let go … again. I ask Him, “What hinders me from trusting You more?” Oh boy — yeah I know .. dangerous question to ask Him because you’re about to find out more of the truth about yourself.


What stops us or hinders us from trusting Him in greater degrees?


The list began…


Fear, doubt, old and new wounds, unforgiveness, pride, uncertainty, …


I said “Wait, wait, which of these apply to me right now?” Then I get that ‘side-eye’ feeling from Him, like I DO know but I just don’t want to admit it to myself and Him. It comes from within the fear bracket. New steps out-of-the-boat always are somewhat disconcerting to me. I glance at others (Wrong thing to do), and the surroundings (Another wrong thing to do), wondering what might happen to me (Fear of future events – another wrong thing to do) … when I NEED to just keep my EYES on Him. Why do we always look around us when we should be looking at Him?


Faith is more of a mysterious thing than people realize. I’ve studied the Greek form of the word, and I’ve read the theological commentaries on the subject, it’s a lot different than most think it is. It’s fairly different than just trust, of course trust DOES become part of the equation AFTER the faith …arrives. I’ve learned that faith isn’t something you can just strive to have. It must be given by … Him. HE actually IS our Source of … faith. He gives people a ‘measure of faith’, and even sometimes a ‘gift of faith’ for a moment which produces a miracle.


So obviously my cry becomes … “Lord please increase my faith!” Yeah, yeah, I know …another really dangerous request of God. I seem to be really good at asking questions and requests that kinda are going to put me into really hard lessons from Him. See …that request will spur lessons and opportunities that REQUIRE more faith, BEYOND what I have currently and presently. So I will be stretched … again. But my heart is always to …grow with Him. You don’t grow in comfort. Well at least not in ways that are healthy for you. Too much comfort makes me .. fat, lazy, and a want to stay that way more and more. It’s a bad cycle for … health in all areas of our being. So I discipline my body, and mind, with my will… my chooser. I CHOOSE to go forward with God. I CHOOSE to obey His promptings and instructions … in the present, and not put it off (Another weakness of mine). I CHOOSE to be grateful for all He has given to me, and gladly let go of it to another when He says to. You see… it’s my … choice. We CHOOSE to follow Him. But here’s the rub…. If you can’t or won’t listen to His Voice there is only the ‘form’ of Godliness in your life, and no … light, or real spiritual life. And I know what that feels like, and I DON’T like it. I’d much rather be in His frequency where I’m hearing Him regularly.


So CHOOSE this day …right now…whom you will serve… and listen to…


Okay! Let’s go!!

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