The Will

The will of a person is the place in which a person’s choices are made. The mind can and will present options and often with conflicting information, but the person still has to decide by choice. The spirit of an individual is created by God, and it is eternal. Our choices coming from our will (The place in the human individual where we make choices) will determine so many things that will effect our spirit, growth, and maturity.
This is why the baptism of the Holy Spirit is so important. His Spirit begins to dwell and inhabit the person and helps the individual with making the correct choices. The internal conversation between the individual and the Holy Spirit deepens and becomes a regular occurrence in the life of the person. More and more choices are made under His guidance and instruction. The spirit of the individual then becomes the part that sets the path for the life of the individual, with guidance from the Holy Spirit. The mind and body then begin to take their proper place in alignment within the individual as their spirit listens to the Holy Spirit and follows His leading.
What is it that the Holy Spirit first wants to establish within an individual? His fruit cultivation. Those nine fruits cultivated into maturity within the individual. (Gal 5:22-23) Self control, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, kindness, long suffering, peace, joy, and love (God’s love – agape). These fruit are the evidence and essence of the Holy Spirit within someone’s life. His working out these fruits into the very character and fiber of the individual as the person agrees and obeys the teaching, lessons, and assignments the Holy Spirit gives them. The gifts of the Holy Spirit must be born from the fruit of the Holy Spirit to have any eternal effect or value. If you disagree with this reread 1 Cor chapter 13. The gifts separated from the fruit of the Spirit become a ‘show’, and a performance, rather than a lasting eternal impact in a person’s life. One must choose to listen and obey the Holy Spirit by their … will. Strong willed usually means someone who is stubborn or ‘willful’. These individuals must learn how to be humble before the the Holy Spirit and follow His leading.
So many have put too much emphasis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit without realizing the importance of the daily on going relationship and work on maturing the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their lives. The gifts are to always be presented from a mature fruit of the Spirit. It is never about the person who is giving the gift (The person whom the gift is flowing THROUGH), but from the fruit of the Spirit that is there to help, encourage, and illumine the individual receiving the gift from the One who is giving it. The fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit will always bring revelation about the person of Jesus Christ. He will become better understood and vital in the person’s life as the fruit of the Holy Spirit matures within them. How does the fruit of the Holy Spirit mature within an individual? By their choices. From their will. Their will submitted to the Holy Spirit with an ‘open hand’ wanting His choices for them rather than wanting the Holy Spirit to ‘bless’ their own choices. It’s really about who is piloting the ship of your life. Jesus wants you to take His yoke. Meaning …willingly bind yourself / lock yourself in with Him and allow Him to lead you. How does this actually happen? By choosing the direction the Holy Spirit is giving you in your life. Allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to you in all the areas of your life. Learning to ask Him questions. Learning as He teaches you, and explains His Kingdom.
Choose you this day whom you will serve.
Unfortunately most people choose to serve … themselves. Why? Because of no real relationship with God or the Holy Spirit. Zero spiritual depth. Their individual spiritual water is 1/2 inch deep and a mile wide. But God wants us to swim with Him … to the reaches and expanse of His Kingdom.
Choose to give Him your time today. Choose to listen. Choose His path for you rather than the one you want to go down. Be faithful to lean into the divine appointments He has for you today.

Your will is part of your spirit, created by God, and it is part of what makes you unique and special to God.

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