Have you every been behind a vehicle that is going down the road that looks like the back wheels aren’t inline with the front wheels and the vehicle kinda looks like it’s crabbing down the road? Alignment issues. Could be bent frame issues (foundational issues). Something isn’t obviously right with the vehicle. So do you know we too can be out of alignment… spiritually? Something we’ve accepted as truth wasn’t allowed to be ‘checked’ by the Spirit of God by us and now we’re out of alignment .. with Him.

This can happen many different ways. There are so many competing voices out there right now trying to get your attention, persuade you, console you, excite you, and every other emotional trigger to get you to do something. But what are your ‘filters’, that weed out all the things you shouldn’t be listening to? What do you use to discern the “Truth”? Past ‘feel good’ beliefs? Someone who is a ‘friend’ in your eyes? It’s getting harder to stop the barrage of information storming our minds AND hearts, as this world is continually getting darker and more sinister as it seems God is now ‘out of favor’ with 99.9% of the world leaders. Oh some have come right out and said their god is now Lucifer. Many large corporations are in agreement and now promote ancient god ceremonies and practices (even past ‘family friendly’ ones now – IYKYK). So many accept the ancient lies as truth now.

So what is the fix? It must begin on the individual level with the habitation of the indwelling Spirit of God. Those that truly seek Truth must accept who He is. The Truth is not debatable in the courts of heaven. We must be indwelled with His Holy Spirit AND listen to Him. 

Here in this shadowland the ancient gods work to keep humanity from knowing the Truth. They set themselves up as .. god, and that they now ‘call the shots’. They disperse what they call the .. truth. And they punish anyone who does not fall in line with what they are telling everyone. They change definitions of words, and blame their enemies for the very tactics they are employing as they speak the condemnation towards anyone who disagrees with them. They promote fear and coercion, and bully tactics to anyone that speaks against them. They offer greed and safety to anyone wanting to join their ranks, but only provide enough till they completely snare and entrap the individual, and when they want — they dispose of them. Who exactly am I taking about?

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12 Exactly who are these ‘rulers, authorities, cosmic powers, and spiritual forces’? They are the original fallen ones. The ones who went with Lucifer. The one third swept by the tail of the dragon. (Rev. 12:4)

Our alignment will become more and more critical as we count down each of our days. Our ability to lean into Him and be directed, empowered, and sustained … by the Holy Spirit. So that each one of us can complete our .. race as Paul described it. (2 Tim. 4:7)

Today is the day to put yourself back into alignment with Him, Don’t delay. Learn how to do it each morning. Surrender to Him again. Seek His Face. Seek His instructions. To weather the growing storm — we all must grow spiritually NOW. Learn to hear and discern that ‘still small Voice’ of the Holy Spirit … within you.

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