The Trains of Disaster

I’ve been watching certain ‘trains’ on their tracks of progress for more than ten years now.  These ‘trains’ are different aspects of the workings on this global community. Trains that could be labeled Financial / Currency / Debt / GDP / Banking (all of these fitting into that segment / train), technology advancement / AI / Internet phases (all things digital), Global political machinations (Global governance and the moves they are taking). Global food production, water procurement, and basic stewardship of the planets resources would be another ‘train’. Another ‘train’ would be big pharmacology and the manipulation of the human genome (the ethics of big medicine has been eradicated and replaced with profit). All of these forces / trains run on their tracks and all of them have been speeding up to a place where ALL their tracks converge. Unfortunately I see the convergence as a massive crash, after which the ‘reset’ that will come from the ashes and devastation will be all of them put into one system — digitally controlled by …one entity. Sound Biblical? It seems the crash is inevitable and is coming very soon and nothing will be able to stop those speeding trains.

Currently China is in MASSIVE turmoil, politically (a current change of leadership is under way), and severely out of food and water resources. Russia is gearing up for global conflict. NATO and the western war machine is calling for nuclear war. Putin seems to be ready. The latest ‘global pandemic’ scam was a great test run in allowing massive control moved from the people to the governments. This ‘train’ of global control is almost ready to be implemented, all they need is another ‘global crisis’ or global war. Things are definitely moving in that direction.

ON the Christian front. The institutional Church is showing it’s weaknesses and exposed it’s fallacy as the legitimate Body of Christ. Sure there is some of the remnant left in the institution, but the majority of the remnant has ‘left the building’. It seems Jesus and the Holy Spirit are working fast on growing the spotless Bride into maturity to be ready for the soon and coming wedding day. The one world Church idea is also on the fast track. The lie that there are other ways to heaven and Jesus is NOT the only way to the Father — is growing massively within the institution.

The Digital Beast is gathering it’s forces and invading every aspect of human existence, so that soon every movement taken will be tracked and monitored – so as to be in compliance with the wishes of the one(s) in centralized global control. Transhumanism is the religion / lie being thrust onto the human race to offer ‘eternal life’. How would you like to live eternally outside of the Kingdom of God? Zero love and all the focus on yourself and what you did or didn’t do to be mulled over for eternity. Sound fun? What would a place be like without love or any access to love, that love would be impossible in that place? Ponder that and look for the upside. Obviously there is NONE. So don’t accept the lie that ‘pugging in’ to the digital world (With a mind chip or plug) will be a ‘good’ thing and will lead you to eternal life. Do you really want another voice in your mind telling you what to do which literally is an enemy of God? God already has His method into your mind through the direct access of the Holy Spirit which should indwell you. Have you learned that yet? But since God gave us free will .. we must choose Him. So ask Him to move inside of you. 

So NOW is the time to press into the Holy Spirit with everything that you have. Learn to eradicate fear from your life by allowing Him to teach and show you. With the time each of us has left we need to be pressing into His agenda for each one of us with greater consistency and diligence. This earth will pass away, but His Kingdom will not. Our focus should be on the thing(s) He has sent us here for — His plans, His work, His love in outreach with the Truth. Focus not on yourself but on Him. Get into the morning habit of asking Him what He wants you to do each day. Be patient enough to stop and listen to Him. Our lives here on earth should become about our assignment from Him rather than building a ‘nest’ here for comfort, for this is NOT our real Home.

I’m done sitting on certain information. I’m going to be bold with the Truth He has delivered to me. When He says speak / write, I no longer will hesitate in fear. Being ‘liked’ never came with the ‘calling’.

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  1. Good words my friend. It is the sad truth that humanity as we understand it is coming to a close. The beast is here. The mark is being rolled out. The deception is real and deep. It’s no longer applicable to teach just call on the Lord.
    He’s got to indwell us. Milk toast teaching won’t save a soul. Strict and discipline adherence to the ministry of the Holy Spirit is absolutely necessary.

    Thanks for sharing and encouraging and enlightening

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