His Presence

Once a person has experienced it — there is no going back. The very essence of Jesus in your midst. From that time on – your spirit, soul, and life have been changed to a point there is nothing that compares. The Master’s touch, smile, and words have no equal. Your soul will forever now yearn for His Presence. His Presence brings a ‘knowledge’ that is other worldly, and a ‘knowing’ that will forever reside in your heart. There is NO ONE like Jesus. Yet by His Holy Spirit we recognize Him and His touch in others almost immediately. 

This experience of His Presence has a cost. The cost is your freedom to do as you wish. For you now belong to Him. You recognize His Worth and your own unworthiness in greater degrees with each meeting with Him. Your desire changes from your own wishes …to His commands to you. This life becomes a ‘calling’ to do His will, and an assurance of the eternal reward that awaits your faithful service, and residence with Him forever. Everyday is a ‘knowing’ that the day has been given to complete some divine task He has for you, even if you are just to spend the day in prayer with the Spirit doing His bidding.

The deeper you go with Him, the greater the challenges to your old thinking and life. Your own free will has changed to an innate singular desire to just serve Him in any way He wants you to. Nothing really satisfies your soul anymore but doing what He has told you to do. Your soul longs and pines for your next meeting with Him.

His Presence is undeniable when you experience it. You will forever want more of His Presence in your life.  Religion can’t hold a candle next to the blinding white light and electrified awesome power of His Presence. In fact you will find religion a nuisance in your life after you have met Him. Religion always trying to tell you what to do instead of listening to Him and His Spirit.

If there was one thing I would want and pray for another human being — it would be that they would experience His Presence …personally.

A saying that has stuck with me since I first heard it …that I have pondered ever since, it goes “there are no grandchildren in His Kingdom”. You don’t become a citizen of the Kingdom through your parents or anyone else. The citizenship is knowing the King calls you His friend. The Kingdom is not a religion …it is by personal relationship and blood.

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