The problem with spiritual sight

The problem with spiritual sight .. is seeing. Seeing what is happening in the unseen realm. Seeing the coming consequences of the corruption deep within. What is one supposed to do with that ‘knowledge’? Who do you share with? Who do you trust … that won’t think you’ve lost it? As the Lord increases the number called and made with prophetic gifts … how will the Body of Christ react? Will they accept them? Will mentors be available to help those young prophetic types understand? Most of the institutional organized 501c3 Church types won’t accept these individuals to share their gifts. Anyone with these ‘gifts’ already knows how dangerous it can be to share what is going on with them, especially in the institutional Church circles. Who does one share the dreams, visions, and feelings with? Unfortunately it seems only the internet and certain social media sites have become the place to do that. Where is the Body of Christ in the local areas that have those that can mentor and encourage those with these types of gifting and experiences? Sure there are a few places scattered throughout the world, but they are VERY few.

What does one do when everything you see coming is not ‘uplifting and encouraging’? When you see the corruption and evil gaining ground in almost every power center, even in the organized Church? When you see so many who are blind to the evil and are so willing to follow the evil dictates / mandates? What do you do with the warnings you hear from the Spirit of God?

What do you do when most of the ‘official’ career local spiritual leaders have zero spiritual sight  or spiritual discernment and can’t see the evil in their very midst? Why have these leaders pushed out or silenced those with prophetic gifts? To make them believe that their ‘gifts’ are of satan because those ‘gifts’ left after the last apostle died (Cessationism). 

So were supposed to believe that Ephesians 4:11-12 was only for a short period of time while the original apostles were still alive? That God changed His mind, after He gave this to Paul and John died, that only the pastor / teacher role should exist? Okay …maybe the evangelist exists OUTSIDE of the walls of the Church.  But certainly the prophet and apostle roles are now gone (sarcasm). That the gifts of the Spirit stopped after the apostle John died? Where exactly does scripture say that?

So what does one do when God brings information that they can’t quite understand, or relate to? Who do they turn to for answers? Obviously the answer is the Holy Spirit. But if they’ve never been taught or learned how to navigate with the Holy Spirit …. who then do they turn to?

I am reading many ‘unknown’ prophetic types that are ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ things that I can ‘confirm’ within my spirit, that aren’t ‘wonderful and running through the flowers’ positive types of visions and information. In fact… much of the scenes and ‘words’ are quite .. stark and devastating. What are they supposed to do with that information? Again the answers are with the Holy Spirit.

I guess my hearts cry is that us who are of ‘older age’ at the top of the generational curve (retired 60+) and have those ‘spiritual experiences’ to begin mentoring the generations below us. Unfortunately most of us have had to deal with a lot of rejection from the organized institutional church, and learned how to maintain relationships outside of those walls. Are we seeing a fulfillment of the prophecy in Joel 2:27-29? But this will require a change now in how ekklesia is done. Also Ezekiel 34 seems to be pertinent in this day and time as well. 

We’re going to need these roles (all of the 5 fold mentioned in Ephesians 4:11-12 with a new understanding of how they are to work) now in the coming days to be equipping the Body of Christ. We’ve also got to learn that SO many of these roles and people that will become the spiritual leaders have never gone to seminary or had ‘official’ theological academic training. They have been in the ‘school’ of life with the Holy Spirit. Just like the apostles had with Jesus. Learning as you walk with Him on a daily basis.

Can anyone relate to this? Let me know in the comments. 

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