Possible scenarios I see

Possible future scenarios stemming from the current USA status. 

1: Counties and eventually states renouncing federal authority, and withdrawing from federal law and control if the mid term elections results are again vastly suspect. This will happen especially in rural America. Most conservative rural people just want to be left alone and don’t want a full civil war. But the stance they would take would be of a ‘cornered’ animal that is willing to fight to the death if approached. Several counties in various states are already gearing up for this stance. If more and more counties follow suit we could see a convention of the states and possible real reform — if not set off by other world war scenarios.

2: Executive branch makes the draft mandatory, for an upcoming war in the Ukraine region. Then there is a chance of civil war beginning between red and blue states, as most of the people would see this war as far worse than Vietnam and refuse to participate, causing the Federal Government to act for conscription .. and the push back would immediately escalate.

3: Physical currency made illegal — and the switch to digital is required for everyone. This too would most likely cause a civil war between the city versus the rural or red versus blue. As the rural will say we want our independence, and without our supplies you will die. The same may happen with vaccine passport mandates — as more and more people are seeing the truth about the last big pharma deception from 2020. Those that didn’t take the jab this time certainly will NEVER look at government and big pharma and the corporate medical system and trust them again. Most likely at the beginning of these types of mandates we will see the first scenario take place. I see the Beast system working both on the monetary and health systems combined to one digital system. 

4: Inflation ramps out of control causing a massive underground barter system to arise especially in local farming rural areas — causing the federal and state governments to become militaristic towards anyone doing barter because of the taxes being cut out of the transactions and trying to do a digital currency reset, which would then cause a massive retaliation and most likely a civil war would begin.

5: Nuclear war breaks out in Ukraine. If the USA is NOT hit but still engages Russia — the USA will be hit, and the grid will go down temporarily causing a food scarcity situation and then the outcome would ramp up to civil war, but on a much more localized scale. As I see several entities trying to take the lead as the “new” head of the country. (Watch the CBS older TV show Jericho)  ANY nuclear war will create weather havoc on the entire globe, as well as radiation issues will skyrocket, causing more food scarcity. Severe food scarcity will cause massive chaos and death NO government will be able to control. If we don’t engage Russia (highly unlikely as the most corrupt elites in this country have been using Ukraine for massive money transfers) then there would be a massive denial of our currency (BRICS and other world entities would stop using our currency) — and we would go into a major financial melt down — into chaos.

6: The USA is hit with an EMP that takes down the entire electrical grid. Possible countries that would want that? Russia. China. North Korea. Venezuela. Mexico (in league with another country).  One nuke set off directly over Kansas would be enough to do the deed. That would lead to food riots / scarcity leading to complete chaos and a 90% population mortality rate in six months. (From government think tank estimates) This scenario is the most desired by our enemies as it leaves all of the resources mostly intact for future use by the invading countries.

This all begs the global elites who are beholden to their masters who are fallen spiritual entities to work faster towards a global catastrophe that would begin a world war. As more people wake up to what they globalists are attempting to do — the time frame narrows. The 6 possible above scenarios are most definitely NOT the only ones that could happen, but in fact several could happen at the same time plus others. Of course I could be wrong on all of this, and I kinda hope I am, but the course of history shows how most of these situations play out. Just that now it most definitely will play out on a global scale, because of technology.

What would be the BEST scenario? The one I didn’t mention. A countrywide spiritual awakening. A JESUS movement like the world has never seen before. Causing current leadership (Government, religious institutions, Corporate) to repent and step down and disbanding their control and authority to a decentralized new system. Basically back to a constitutional revisiting of what our country needs to do to limit government — so it never happens again. With Man it is impossible. With God nothing is impossible. Then there is a little thing called the sovereignty of God and His determined plan for mankind (read Revelation) and His timing. Where are we on His timeline? That is the question.

What can you do? I know what I’m praying for — but it basically comes down to this….

Ask the Holy Spirit what to do today and obey Him.

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