Law of the Spirit?

Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives. Galatians 5:25 NLT

Our enemy is a great strategist, and one of their favorite schemes is that of pushing things to the very extreme. Among the Galatian people of The Way, the enemy had thought to push legalism to the extreme. So Paul addressed this ‘strategy’ in his letter to them. Of course then the strategy of the enemy is to pendulum swing in the most extreme opposite direction tempting the ‘selfish’ human nature. 

The enemy’s words would be … 

“If you won’t have the law, you don’t have any law; discard ALL law. If you are no longer under law and you are under grace — you can do as you like! Just behave as you like; you know no limitations, no restrictions. Any kind of restriction is law — repudiate it! Go to the other extreme — license instead of law!” 

If the enemy cannot bind by the law they will seek to make everyone wholly lawless. We certainly see that today in our culture. If Paul were still here I’m sure he would be just as vehemently against this thinking as well and call it out as the work and strategy of ‘the satan’. 

But we must remember if this letter to the Galatians is the letter of the ‘liberty’ of the Spirit, it is also the letter of the government of the Holy Spirit. We are only really ‘free’ when we are ‘under’ / guided / indwelled by the Spirit of God. Freedom is in our revelation and acceptance of His Lordship. It certainly is a paradox, but it is the path of God in us. When we take license to the selfish extreme, we have no relationship with Him. These letters of Galatians, Romans, and Hebrews are not documents of lawlessness. Even if they set aside the whole of the Jewish system, they do not introduce a regime of lawlessness. They bring a life of the government in  the Holy Spirit. Remember no true child of God who is indwelled by the Holy Spirit, who actually has a relationship with Him and is following His instructions will infringe on any Divine principle. In fact, a life governed by the Holy Spirit will actually be MORE meticulously careful about spiritual principles. 

Are you governed by the Holy Spirit in your words and actions? Does He guide you in your decision making? Are you trying to follow the ‘law’ and ‘Church’ traditions or the Spirit of God?

“But,” someone might still argue, “how can God condemn me as a sinner if my dishonesty highlights his truthfulness and brings him more glory? And some people even slander us by claiming that we say, “The more we sin, the better it is!” Those who say such things deserve to be condemned.” Romans 3:7-8 NLT

Well then, should we keep on sinning so that God can show us more and more of his wonderful grace? Of course not! Since we have died to sin, how can we continue to live in it? Or have you forgotten that when we were joined with Christ Jesus in baptism, we joined him in his death? Romans 6:1-3 NLT

This is the “Truth” and message of TC2. We are DEAD to our own lives, and we now LIVE in His life. It is by HIS instructions to our hearts and spirit …that we live. 

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