Blind guides and naked leaders

“But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” Matthew 23:13 

This entire chapter in the gospel of Matthew is Jesus excoriating the religious leadership of His time. He also called them “Blind guides!” Multiple times in the chapter the condition of blindness is mentioned — not the physical sense but in the truth understanding sense. How is it that these ‘leaders’ could be so blind? How is it that leaders are so blind today? With the current events happening I keep being reminded of the children’s tale called The Emperor’s New Clothes. How everyone just pretended to believe the lie so that the Emperor would be happy. But it took just a small child to reveal the truth of the matter that the Emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes. EVERYONE can see our top leader in the country is severely diminished by dementia. Before his mental decline he was severely diminished in his character by a lack of ethics, morality, and truth. That man has always been caught in lies throughout his entire tenure in office. Yet everyone on one side of the isle and many on the other side just ignore the blatant signs of his ineptitude and moral depravity because of his current frailty. Everyone is just pretending that he is  … great. Except for a small few who say it out loud. Everyone knows — but is afraid to say something, just like in the children’s story. Many are ‘blinded’ because they are ‘bribed’ not to ‘see’. Why do you not speak the truth when you know it? Fear of reprisal? Fear of being cancelled? Fear of being disliked? Fear of being attacked by the mob?

We need more people to be like children who just speak the truth of the matter, people who haven’t been blinded by bribes or fear. But this ‘condition’ of severe moral and ethical character issues in a leader isn’t just found here in America — it has become a global pandemic of poor leadership, by people who are ‘blind’, because of their own greed and lust. Unfortunately this pandemic of blindness has also infiltrated the Church in it’s leadership. Many leaders are compromising the instruction from the Holy Spirit because of ‘bribery’ in that they like all the finery that goes with their position, just like the religious leaders in Jesus’ day. These leaders REFUSE to see or speak the Truth also for fear of losing their high positions, just like in Jesus’ day. 

So what can we do? Speak the Truth in boldness just like a child. Not out of hate or malice — but from love and truth. Put fear behind you and speak from faith knowing Who is the King of Kings who will judge everyone for every action, and word in their life.

Be like Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, who never bow down to the king’s proclamations. Stand confidently knowing the Truth. To do so means you must be in intimate relationship with the Truth (Jesus) and to REALLY know Him. Have you been tested in this area of standing for Truth? Did you pass those tests? Were you able to stand against the coercion and bullying in the last few years over the entire plandemic, even if it meant losing everything? That time was a test. How did you fare? Did you speak the truth in love? Or did you just comply with the Emperor’s delusion / lies? Could you see everyone else’s blindness? Were you coerced by family or friends to comply out of their current feeling of ‘moral superiority’ and or fear to take the experimental drug trial shot? Or did you stand for the Truth? 

We all must understand more tests are coming. We ALL will be getting more opportunities to stand for the Truth. We ALL will have more times when we will be either silent or asked to speak the Truth. Will be able to do so? What about compliance when the Holy Spirit has specifically told you “NO!”? Who will you obey? Your fear? Or your King? Will you try to justify your decisions and choices before God? Or maybe you haven’t learned how to even listen to Him? Or are you are just going through the religious motions and Sunday rituals so that you can convince yourself that you are a ‘good’ person.

How will you do when the next test confronts you?

Who will you ‘serve’? 

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  1. Good challenge
    We all are being tested. Sometimes we fail but God’s mercies are new every morning with another opportunity to get it right. For if we continue to fail, it almost always is joined by justification and rationalization which will lead to a hardened heart and seated conscience.

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