American issues.

The Democrat party and truth will never been seen as synonymous. Socialist, communist, evil, selfish, power hungry, satan worshiping, divisive, censoring, Global centralized control, … will be their markers.
The Republican Party and courage will never be seen as synonymous. Greedy, compromising, selfish, betrayers, spineless, unpatriotic, … will be their markers.
Corruption’s tentacles have reached the deepest crevices of ALL levels of government agencies even at the smallest local offices. And those tentacles are squeezing the Truth and Godly principles out of the organization’s policies now. Real Truth will no longer be seen as … truth … but evil.
But the REAL problem began with the next group.
American professional career pastors and real spiritual guidance will no longer be synonymous. Compromising the ‘inner witness’ of the Holy Spirit (IF there actually is one in the individual) is now required to stay in the position. Lovers of fine clothes, big homes, high places of status, pulpits, big church buildings, and taking the people’s / God’s money for their own personal interests, … has been their markers for awhile now. In Jesus’ day they were called the Pharisees. And they were the ones who delivered Jesus to the Romans.
So where does God’s Truth really rest now in this country?
In the ‘nobodies’. In the unseen / unknown remnant. In the regular working patriotic citizen who still fears the Lord.
So what does this all mean now?
Big change is VERY close at hand. The future will be difficult, bloody, and very hard. Why? Corrupt leadership ALWAYS kills anyone who dares to challenge their positions of authority. Corrupt ministers sacrifice their own sheep to the wolves.
Eventually the common people under such horrific conditions find out they’re going to die anyway and fight back. And the revolution begins. And in the Church … reformation begins.
The fires of revolution and reformation purify, consuming many, and those that last have lifelong scarring. But in such times the real remnant thrives and grows. Those that actually want Truth … repent.
Is this the last ‘days’ as referred to in the scriptures? Sure seems that way. Especially if you consider the global centralization brought about by technology. In many millennia we have not seen this complete globalization of control and communication to the single individual level. Digital based ‘life’ has invaded EVERY aspect of our world.
Man can now be completely manipulated on a global scale to destroy itself by their master spiritual alien overlords and their demonic minions. (Fallen angels & disembodied spirits)
This technology and current opportunity I believe sets up ‘the final battle’.
Our days have ALWAYS been numbered, but now the number can be felt and seen.
So the desperate cry of “JESUS COME QUICKLY” will truly be heart felt for so many.
My cry? Jesus activate Your Body!
In my humble opinion – His Body does exist in almost every Church – its just much less than we expect it to be. I’m pretty sure we’d be shocked to see how few it actually is. And I’m pretty sure His Body now exists more outside the institutional model than within.
So what do we do?!!
Press into the Holy Spirit like NEVER before. Pray via His power, anointing, prompting, and guidance. Praying at ALL TIMES everywhere about everything. Be ready for EVERY divine daily appointment He has for you. Connect with other remnant individuals. Form small tight real groups. Meet regularly. Pray together. In prayer you’ll know who everyone is.
OBEY the smallest prompting and instructions from the Holy Spirit. Learn of / from the Holy Spirit. Develop that relationship to the greatest depth you can.

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  1. Absolutely!!! 100% agree with your observations and insight! My favorite part was the answer: so, what do we do? This is precisely what we do, each member of the body actively (moment by moment) listening to Him and taking action with every prompting even the most mundane because God’s in it all. The best thing we can do is develop that relationship to the greatest depth possible and the only way to do that is by learning how to hear His voice.

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