The ONLY Hope.

Hearts and minds. The war is for those things. The enemy wants us to focus on the neutral things, and blame inanimate objects for the reason for all the violence and evil. But obviously those things can’t do things on their own. Blaming guns for death is like blaming forks for obesity. The LOVE of money is the issue — NOT the money itself. But it’s easier to look at other things than the evil that resides within an individual. As humankind more and more centralizes all of the power and systems, the top positions of leadership are filled more and more with the most selfish narcissistic sociopathic individuals that have zero love for God or His ways. You have to be willing to embrace extreme evil to make it to the top of the pile nowadays. They create systems and inventions that they believe will keep them in power and give them more power over the ‘useless eaters’. Anyone who actually knows history knows this cycle. But now in this day — technology has upped the game. The ability to centralize, and spread ideology is SO much easier through technology. With the advancement of AI the system can know spread your ideology faster than any other method ever invented. AI will only promote what the creators of the program tell it to promote. And in every case I’ve seen so far the created AI promotes a denigration of Godly values. Those values are just not only NOT programmed in — they are specifically being targeted as wrong or undesirable. Could AI be a great tool? Of course — IF the designers / programmers / coders utilize God’s values and principles of protecting all forms of human life, love, and the supremacy of God. Yet we all know this will NEVER be the case. 

The current movement for ‘Gun Control’ is simply a design to hinder the ‘law abiding’ even further and remove the boundaries for evil. Why? To force the ‘law abiding’ into the beliefs you want them to have otherwise you will kill them or make them obsolete by putting them ‘away’. Check history. Every tyrant wants to reduce weapons within the populace so that they can better control them and so that they can remain in power. This is why the USA constitution has the 2nd amendment. It wasn’t for hunting (eye roll). It was written in to give the common person a self defense against a tyrannical power coming to force their will upon them. That tyrannical power is growing greatly now within this country with the centralization of power by legislation (Or executive power) and a corrupt Judicial system. So please don’t get swept into the the latest ‘movement’ to ban guns, when the hearts and minds of those perpetrating extreme violate acts will find ANY method to kill and destroy the innocent lives. Don’t take the self defense away from those who understand the extreme value of human life, when evil comes to take away the lives of those they love. The hypocrisy surrounding this issue is extreme, as the current leaders who are all calling for more gun control all surround themselves with guards with guns and weapons the leaders themselves are trying to ban. Rules for thee but not for me. It truly is class warfare.

THE ONLY HOPE for the human race is in Jesus Christ and the indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit. We don’t need a puritanical religious spirit that rules by legalism and fear. We don’t need a centralized religious system making everyone march to their rules. We just need the Holy Spirit to inhabit human bodies, with humble hearts and minds, filled with the love of God, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. We need people who have an intimate real relationship with the Holy Spirit, and can follow His lead and daily instructions, without having to listen to another human.  Jesus didn’t come to set up another religious system, but to bring access straight to the Father via the Holy Spirit dwelling within the individual. But that method requires that the ‘teachers’ of the ‘faith’ guide people into the ways of how to actually do that, while not usurping the Holy Spirit’s role within those they are attempting to teach and lead. That takes real spiritual maturity and not a ‘certification’ or ‘Ordination’ of academic prowess and religious hoops that were navigated. Spiritual maturity has to do with a deep intimacy and connection with the Holy Spirit, not academic scores. Academic and centralized systems / denominations and systematic ordination regulations — make the way for ‘fakes’ to acquire leadership positions without having the Holy Spirit have any influence in their lives. Unfortunately I’ve seen too many of those types of ‘professional ordained spiritual leaders’ who are more about the title, influence, power, and money than actually ‘knowing’ God intimately. 

So how are working on your own intimacy and relationship growth with the Holy Spirit?

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