The Ongoing Global War

While I don’t know God’s ultimate exact timeline and the exact day and hour certain events will happen, I do see plenty that I’ve never seen before in my lifetime. There currently is a war raging like we haven’t seen before in our lifetime … a war to bring the entire global population under one rule. History has seen this effort before through massive campaigns like from Nimrod, Alexander, Gangis Khan, Rome, and Hitler. But this time with humanity so connected to technology down to the individual child — there is another way to influence and manipulate the people. We’ve become addicted to technology as it permeates 99.99% of our waking lives. The internet, and digital data has become the life’s blood of commerce, communication, and the way business is done. Technology is also running headlong towards Artificial Intelligence and autonomous robots that will have the power to choose to kill humans. Who is programming these robots? Do they have any morals and directions that come from outside of themselves? Do they understand truth? What is becoming increasingly evident .. that the love of power, money, and control is what are the driving forces behind most of what we experience wherever we turn. This massive lust has greatly infiltrated the religious institutions as well. Government leaders act as dictators and elite overlords and see those they govern over as pawns, and undesirables, that can be used as fodder and food for their own insidious and evil appetites.

The global war won’t be by countries but by people versus the ‘globalist’ forces, that are aligned with bankers, corporations, politicians, big media, big med, big pharma, and every other international movement set to enslave the common man. It becomes very obvious which side people are on and who wants to comply to this globalist ideology and those who realize the freedom given to them by the one and only God. It would seem we could be headed into another time of great destruction and decimation of the human race. Is this the last time of global war that will bring the Ultimate Kings of Kings (Jesus Christ) to step foot once again on this planet? I don’t know. But it sure seems we are headed in that direction. I do know that the globalists HATE real followers of Christ. As those who are truly filled with the Holy Spirit will never bow their knee to the spirit of antichrist. They will refuse to be ‘marked’ as one who complies with the Beast system set up by a new global dictator. Real Spirit filled individuals are ‘awake’ to the schemes of the enemies of God. Plus they are taught and warned by the Holy Spirit on what they should do. This makes all those Spirit-filled persons a great threat to the globalist agenda —as those individuals will be the most unpredictable and dangerous (to their globalist agenda) people on the planet. 

It seems everyday I see the ‘signs’ of the globalist agenda and their desire of enslaving every living person on the planet.  Those motivated by dark and evil appetites are easy pawns of this globalist agenda. Selfish and pathological narcissistic individuals seem to be the ones who will do anything to have power … and they eventually become governmental leaders holding positions that can be easily manipulated by even greater evil spiritual forces. 

This truly can now be easily seen as a global spiritual war. God versus the evil fallen and all those caught up with the ‘fallen’s’ lies. Whether this is the final war — and time … I don’t know. But it certainly is shaping up to be an entire planetary war. The danger now is higher than I’ve ever experienced. It seems there are three categories of people now … the asleep, the awake, and the zombie. Those that are asleep do not realize the battleground they are on. Those truly awake have voluntarily asked King of Kings to infuse them with His Holy Spirit so that they might be His ambassadors on this earth up and have given up their entire lives to Him however long that might be. The zombie category of people are people who are no longer are really ‘alive’ mentally or spiritually and are overtaken by another ‘entity’ that guides their lives. The zombie is just a host to another living (evil) force that manipulates their body and speech. The amount of zombies in the general population has increased like I never seen before in my life. It truly is like the ‘gates of hell’ have been opened. Many are controlled by witchcraft .. (Here the Greek word is pharmakeia — from which we get all of the English words relating to ‘pharma..’) and are drugged into compliance by forces they don’t even recognize, realize, or understand. 

We have an entire group so totally addicted to drugs both by and from the big med industry and the illegal drug trade with equal sinister motives. Meth, cocaine, crack, and every other drug designed to ‘enslave’ the individual, essentially turning the person into a ready host to become a ‘zombie’. And the evil governments make it easier for the ‘addicted’ to stay enslaved to their drugs (here’s another free needle). Here’s another easy way to kill yourself. (Euthanasia) “Please kill this child.” (Abortion) “Let us help you mutilate your body permanently so you can never have children with this ‘life saving’ surgery.” (Gender reassign

Big “Church” (religions) will side with the globalist movement. As their agendas are totally aligned with those who want to … control others for their own purposes. Jesus came to reach every person and give that individual access to His Father without needing another ‘avenue’ of separation, ritual, priest, or blood sacrifice. ‘Big Church’ needs its congregants to follow their instructions and not the Holy Spirit’s personal Word to their hearts, and minds. Those following the Holy Spirit’s instructions are completely unpredictable. Those who aren’t filled with the Holy Spirit are VERY predictable and easily manipulated and controlled. 

More and more we are seeing those ‘prophetic’ voices warning the masses and individuals to repent and give their lives to God. That Jesus Christ truly is our ONLY salvation. Where are you in this ‘revelation’? Can you see the evil rising? Can you see the global agenda? Have you been duped by one of the globalist’s tactics and manipulations? Has the Holy Spirit begun to warn you about certain things? Are you gathering together with the real ekklesia? Have you formed friendships with other remnant members? Have you noticed the zombies in your cities?

What is the Holy Spirit telling you to prepare? What is the Holy Spirit telling you to do in the fact of reaching out to others? What is the Holy Spirit teaching you? What is the Holy Spirit doing inside of you .. to mold you into the person He created you to be? Are you looking more and more like Jesus?

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