The Fallen

This will be the leading ‘misinformation’ the world will soon denounce.

That the UFO / alien visitors are part of the “fallen” one third the Bible talks about. (Revelation 12:4) The Great Deception as some have called it is drawing ever closer. And the American Organized Religious Church — will not teach on it. Yet the leading knowledgable experts in this field of UFOlogy are all followers of Christ who know their authority in Him and His Name. Any real military commander having to deal with these entities has been briefed and ordered not to attack them. Why? They will only use our own weapons against us. It’s already been tried with disastrous results. Their technology is far more advanced than ours. Do angels have technology? Why wouldn’t they? A ‘chariot’ whisked Elijah away into the heavens (2 Kings 2:11)… is not a ‘chariot’ a type of technology? (At least for the time it happened it was likely the closest representation / word they had for that type of the technology).

Any person who is a follower of Christ who uses His Name with authority when encountering these entities causes the entities to leave them alone. Abductions have been stopped just by using the Name of Jesus. Currently the Official Catholic Church will accept the aliens and has a plan for baptism for them. So obviously the Official Catholic Church does not agree with those who deal with this phenomenon on an everyday basis OR they know and currently have a treaty with the enemy. This divide will also be large within the Organized Institutional Christian Church as the Church as a whole has not taught people about this issue, thus the title of the Great Deception is used. 

Here’s some questions for you to ponder — where is exactly the throne of satan on earth right now? (Revelation 2:13) If he was cast down to earth, where does he now abide? Is he just gone? Has evil left the planet? Have all of the one third already been put into the bottomless pit? (Revelation 9) Or is that fate still yet to come? If the influencers of evil and all the demons have been removed … why does evil still permeate the earth today? If we need to still do spiritual warfare (Ephesians 6) who are we fighting against — if they have already been removed? Answer: They haven’t been removed yet.

We are moving closer and closer to the government revealing the classified information they’ve had for decades. And when they finally do .. what will most of the pew sitting Christians believe? How many will renounce their faith in Christ? How many will walk away? A greater understanding of the wider creation of God is needed. It’s there in the Bible .. but most pastors and teachers won’t bring up the issues. Why? Because it really does take the Holy Spirit to help walk a person through all these issues. Dealing with REAL spiritual warfare takes the Holy Spirit’s instructions. Catholic formulas and chants — don’t do the job. 

The “activity” of the UFO phenomenon is only increasing. Because SO many are encountering them and they themselves all now have video cameras — more and more are being caught on camera. This issues is SO much bigger and wider than your religious leaders have ever taught you about. They fear being called out for speaking the Truth, and then labeled “crazy”. They’re too concerned for their own salaries than informing their own congregations. So most bury their ‘heads in the sand’ with this whole issue and refuse to deal with it — to the demise of themselves and their own people. (Hosea 4:6)

I suggest you begin to search these things out.

Steve Quayle, Timothy Alberino, Derek Gilbert, L.A. Marzulli

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