The Apocalyptic Time

The time is set. The dominoes have been set up and the final dominoes are being set between the other dominoes so that when the single domino is pushed the cascade will only speed up. Some liken the coming time to speeding trains of disaster. Multiple trains on tracks that are headed to a intersection where they all come together. And it seems the trains are increasing in velocity towards that intersection. Once that single ‘event’ happens nothing will be the same from that point on. Major disaster and increasing calamities will happen one right after one another. The human population will be severely reduced. This is known. And with this information given almost 2000 years ago the enemies of God have used that revelation to strike fear into the human race over and over. It became a term called the ‘apocalypse’. And apocalyptic literature and story have become it’s own genre. We certainly have seen that genre in the movie industry.

But that information wasn’t given to the ‘general public’. In fact, that striking information was given to those who love Jesus (the ekklesia – in the first century), as a hope of what was to come. Obviously to those who don’t know Jesus intimately or are living in sin — that information is incredibly fear inducing. The great calamity coming upon the human race and the earth in a great tumult and war between ‘other world’ spiritual forces. Angels and demons running amok throughout the earth causing great destruction. Of course the enemies of God utilize that fear and twist the story for their own purposes. 

But in the vast tactics of the enemy, one strategy has been to make the Body of Christ ineffective so when that time draws close they will be gripped with fear and be impotent in telling others about the ‘good news’. They will cower and become silent hoping that they will be ‘taken out’ (raptured) before experiencing any ‘pain’. But Jesus made it VERY clear that His followers would experience persecution. Those who were fully committed found it an honor to suffer for His sake, knowing the reward of kingdom and the Presence of God (Hebrews 11). Do you trust and believe Him when He says He will be with you? Do you trust His love? Do you trust His ability to give you strength and courage when it is needed? As this ‘time’ draws even nearer — the time to be silent is NOT now. Now is the time to stand and boldly state your allegiance to your King Jesus to all those around you. That Jesus is the ONLY answer that will ‘save’ you. That’s the message of Revelation – that Jesus IS our answer to …life. Not trying to find other solutions or riches, or ways into His Kingdom. In fact, the enemies of God want to tell everyone that there are many ways into His Kingdom of heaven. Yet … Jesus says He is the ONLY way (John 14:6).

Can you see the signs of the times? Can you see the ‘event’ on the horizon? Do you ‘feel’ a coming disaster? Can you read the ‘set up’? Inherently ..many people sense something big coming. If you are His… then this should drive you even deeper into your relationship with the Holy Spirit daily, every morning, asking for His instructions. Asking Him who you are to pray for. Asking Him who He wants you to talk to. Asking Him what He wants you to do. Don’t deny the Voice of God in your mind. Don’t negate those scriptures ‘ringing’ in your soul and heart.

To those who are terminally committed to Christ — this ‘feeling’ of the coming time — actually can find excitement and an increasing anointing to carry out His daily instructions. They look forward to the coming time with great anticipation and humility. They say ‘Home is where the heart is’ and to those terminally committed to Christ ..that ‘Home’ is … heaven.

Do you know Jesus? Well enough for Him to say, “Well done…”, instead of, “Depart from me, I never knew you.” (Matthew 25:21, Matthew 7:23) Does Jesus call you His .. friend? What has He told you personally? What (Rhema) Words has He spoken to your heart by the Spirit of God? 

Your Church attendance does NOT make you His …as much as sitting in a garage makes you a ‘car’. Ritual and legalism does not make you ‘His’. Wearing the religious ‘robes’ as a ‘minister’ or having the title of ‘pastor’ does not automatically guarantee your admittance into His Kingdom. Real tangible relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit is possible with intimate conversations. His love is available to those who desire it and seek Him. Those that actually ‘know’ Him — are led by the Spirit of God to do His wishes and assignments.

What has He asked you to do? Today?

Time is ticking down. None of us actually know when this will happen. Why? Matthew 24:36.

But what we can know is what He wants us to do, each of us personally, each day, through the indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit within us. Do you ask Him? Have you learned His Voice? 

My sheep hear my voice, and I (Jesus) know them, and they follow me. John 10:27

Get excited beloved! For He is coming soon! Will He find you doing His instructions when He comes? 

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