From that time Jesus began to preach, saying, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Matthew 4:17

Repent! The message of every real prophet of God. How does a person come in line with what God wants for them? Repentance. What are we to repent for? In this new covenant the follower of Christ is convicted by the Holy Spirit and given specifics of what is required by Him. It isn’t about a ‘system’ and rules — it’s about a spiritual intimacy with His indwelling Presence. If you’ve ever experienced it deeply .. you know.

Repentance requires humility and a contrite heart towards God. Faking it doesn’t fool God. Even though you may have convinced and deceived yourself about the sin in your life and so seared your God given conscience to quiet His Voice within your mind and soul, doesn’t mean the sin is gone. God will still require repentance for those wrongs. Spiritual maturity is learning how to be interested in what He wants for you — rather than your own selfish desires and wants. How sensitive are you to the Holy Spirit’s conviction? Stop squashing / dismissing His Voice within you. Learn to be honest with yourself. Learn to agree with Him. Learn how to repent quickly and often every time the Holy Spirit points things out to you.

Once you’ve repented …then don’t allow the enemy of your soul to trap you into the ‘hamster wheel’ of rehearsing the guilt and shame of the past. Move on. Determine within yourself to be ever more sensitive to His Voice, and be quick to obedience to His slightest instructions. Learn that intimacy with Him. Pray / converse with Him all day long. Do the 180 degree turn and go with Him. Learn to lock yourself into His yoke and go where He wants you to go… daily.

Father forgive us!!

We admit our sin! (Speak specifically what He calls out in you.)

Thank you for the cleansing power of the blood of Your Son Jesus.

Help us to hear You with greater clarity.

Holy Spirit speak to us! Show us the WAY!

In the Name of Jesus Christ our King and Lord. 

Repentance brings real light and true freedom. 

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