First world problems. Entitlement. Comfort. Pride. Oh those of us living in this time in a first world country are some of the richest the human race has ever seen. Yet there are those around us – who aren’t as fortunate. And then there are many who are making terrible decisions that squander their blessings rapidly, mainly squandered on …addictions, and selfish desires.

Many in religious circles are very concerned about the future … and the end of all things. It’s described by a big religious word called eschatology. I’ve become to think of eschatology as a ‘rich man’s’ hobby. People so worried about the future that they can’t be …present. Jesus sits on the curb waiting for us to stop … and sit with Him. He is the Lord of … time. He ALWAYS has enough time… for you. Our concern shouldn’t be about the future as He has it ALL in His Hands. Our focus needs to be on the here and now … with Him. Concentrating on Him, listening to Him, and being in ‘fellowship’ with Him.

How do we cope with the problems enveloping us? Do we just capitulate and go with the crowd? Do we give up and just do as someone else is yelling at us to do? Do we believe the lies that seem to be so ‘right’ even though the Holy Spirit is reminding us what His Word says? Do we block His Voice inside of us calling us to come to Him? Do we just go on what we think is ‘common sense’? 

Or do we surrender to that still small Voice of the Holy Spirit whispering inside of us? Admit to yourself that you need Him.

Are you grateful for Him? Are you grateful for what you have now? Are you grateful for this day, this very moment? Are you grateful for the food you’ve eaten today? Are you grateful for the clothes on your body? Are you grateful for the people who have helped you get where you are right now? Is there someone in your life that you know is praying for you? Even if you can’t think of anyone … did you know God is calling you… to fellowship with Him?

List all the things you have, and thank the Lord for them. Nourish an attitude of gratefulness within you. Now lift all those things and people and surrender them to the Lord. Give it ALL to the Lord. As only He is worthy to receive it from you. If Jesus truly is your Lord — then let Him tell you how He wants you to steward those things and people in your life .. that are actually His. You should be ever generous in your obedience to Him when He directs you to give some of that which He owns in your possession to someone else. Why? Because He wants to bless people. The giver and receiver is to receive His blessings. His law of sowing and reaping are eternal. 

 Are you struggling with worry and anxiety? Are you working through depression? Do you feel at the end of yourself? Ask Him what you are to do for someone else. Buy something for someone? Give some money to someone? Bless someone with something from your home? Clothes? Furniture? To deliver a word of love and hope to someone? To tell someone how much they mean to you in your life? This has been the scenario the Lord has used with me. When I struggle with my life …He points me to someone else and tells me to bless them. If they ask me why, I am to  respond “Because the Lord Jesus told me to do it, because He loves you.” Those acts of obedience however how small — have a profound effect on me. Gratefulness.

All I know is …Heaven is going to be fun! As Jesus is there and has prepared a place for me and all His friends. 

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