Equality versus Equity

Listen the words of Jesus…

“I can do nothing on my own. As I hear, I judge, and my judgment is just, because I seek not my own will but the will of him who sent me.”  John 5:30

What is real justice? The only correct justice comes from the Judge / Father who knows all. Every human created institution attempting to judge correctly must have the Holy Spirit to help decipher the issue otherwise it will be askew from the complete justice. Of course without an individual indwelled with the Holy Spirit willing to consult Him who is in charge of said human institutions justice will be perverted. Unfortunately that is EXTREMELY rare today. Maybe that’s why Jesus tells us to try to reconcile with those we’ve wronged or who have wronged us BEFORE we get into the judicial system. (Matthew 5) Jesus understood that even in His time that the courts can be VERY unjust, especially to the poor or those hated by the current culture. Unless the human judge consult with THE HEAVENLY JUDGE, then their decisions will be lacking in real justice.

There is a popular cultural movement today that likes to place equity over equality. Which do you think is easier to know? One takes only logic to figure out, the other takes into account only that which the authority deems ‘worthy’. Equality treats everyone the same in the issue of justice, the other places some over others because they ‘fit’ the narrative and thinking of the current ‘authority’ in power. Those trying to enforce equity must sit on the Throne of God to disseminate the ‘correct’ judgment and disbursement of resources. Unfortunately those who are pushing equity over equality just seek greater power and control by rewarding those they think they can control and who will obedient to their wishes in demeaning others who are the ‘diseased’ in their eyes. Who are the diseased? Ultimately it always comes down to those that worship the Creator God of the Bible. Jesus followers are even more deplorable to the ones seeking power and control. This will tell you who exactly is behind this ‘equity’ movement. 

The equity movement wants to highlight all the things that divide us, especially those things that are obvious and have nothing to do with the character of the individual. If I treat everyone equal then my behavior towards everyone I meet is the same. If I treat everyone with the idea of equity then I must try to figure out what the ruling authority (often it is the crowd mob of popular culture that is trying so hard to fit in) wants me to think if them. Current concepts of equity seem to be centered around ‘race’ or skin color which is caused by differing amounts of melanin. What percentage of melanin in the skin of an individual is now ‘worthy’? Can you judge correctly?

Equity now seems to have moved to those with mental issues who want to change their God given gender from birth. According those who preach ‘equity’ now say whatever one thinks is correct IF it goes against the things and laws of God. If you believe you’re a woman but born a man — then YOU are correct … according to the new ‘equity’ judges. The new equity judges will take money from others so that you can continue in your mental depravity by mutilating the body God gave you. The new equity judges want to overrule the parents of children and lure the children into lies and sexual depravity.

When everything turns opposite to the natural created order, and words are changed to confuse and mean the opposite.. it only puts more power into the ones who are at the top of the pyramid of power and control over the people. This is when evil laughs and grows in popularity. When the ‘crowd’ is always right, those with truth are cast aside and seen as ‘stupid’. Independent thinkers and critical thinkers are seen as the ‘enemy’ of the ‘greater good’. Reread Romans chapter 1.

Do you have the One within you who can show you the Truth of things? Does He teach you what things are right and truth? Does He give you discernment in issues? Learn how to hear His Voice within you. 

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