Complete dependency on Him

I can do nothing on my own. John 5:30 Jesus said this.

Ponder that.

One of the most difficult lessons we must face is to how to let go of everything and go to God. Even in matters that seem right in the purposes of God to us. Like Abraham He had to let go of the very promises of God in Isaac when God asked Him to. If we had something given from the Lord Himself we can rest assured that what He gives He will not take again without a larger purpose in His view; and on the other hand, none can take from us what He has determined for us. There are so many dangers that arise from our own will in relation to a Divine gift or purpose. 

We often have a tendency to hold onto anything God gives us tightly as ‘ours’ rather than seeing it still as His. This can lead to fierce and personal battles within us. It can also spark jealousy and suspicion towards others and that will destroy a spontaneity of communion with Him and with the fellowship around us. Does not jealousy declare most loudly the fact of personal possession and personal interest? We must realize how privileged we are to have even the smallest part in the things of God, and how it is all by His grace, which should spark gratefulness that we could have the remotest connection with Him. The more we hold onto things received or as promised or believed to be for us with an ‘open hand’ and in restful trust, we make it possible for the Holy Spirit to save us from being mistaken in the matter. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for the child of God to come to see a thing which he or she has come to believe to be God’s will or way for them… and it is not so, and it had to be surrendered. If there is any personal element of will in it …the experience will prove terrible, and will leave works of bitterness and mistrust. And even further …a strong personal mind and will in relation to the things of God too often makes us a law unto ourselves. In other words, we get into an attitude which implies that only WE know the will of God in the matter. We don’t trust others also that they may be led of the Lord in the thing, and so the act of being in ‘one accord’  in guidance by the Holy Spirit so necessary to the Body of Christ is destroyed or paralyzed. Basically personal pride has entered the equation.

Can you now see the importance of a deep and strong intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit? Jesus knew this Truth, which I believe led Him to say what He did. Humility, gratefulness, and obedience is the path with greater and greater depths.

Lord Jesus — You are my ALL in ALL. I can do nothing without You. Your Holy Spirit is the power in me that accomplishes Your will. Lord help me… to hear You.

Holy Spirit speak to me. Show me the way. 

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