That Inner Dialogue

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you. John 14:26

Can you talk about Jesus in your life in a non-religious way? Can you explain your spiritual walk and life outside of the ‘Church lingo’? Or is everything centered around, “you’ve got to come to my church and check it out”? Is everything in your life spiritually centered around that Sunday morning service ritual? Folks, we’ve got a famine in the land. A famine for the “Word” within the hearts of the Church goers. What Word am I talking about? The Rhema Word. The Word spoken by the Lord / Holy Spirit directly to your heart. Of course that can be the Logos / written Word spoken by the Holy Spirit to your mind and heart, or it can just be that simple ‘inner dialogue’ carried out in conversational prayer.

This constancy of daily conversational prayer / inner dialogue should carried throughout your entire day. This is the ‘life’ with Him. It takes work and discipline, and practice. It takes people brave enough to share their experiences with Him, and daily conversations. All of the corrections and conviction, the struggles, arguments, and heartfelt depths being exposed. But also the visions, pictures, dreams, and lessons He is bringing to them, and the long process of learning what they mean as He brings revelation bit by bit. I believe this process is best shared and taught by the prophets in your group — as this is their life and process with the Lord on a constant basis, and can help people navigate the learning process with the Holy Spirit. But because the 99.99% of the institutional church system has basically no place for those types of individuals (prophets – if they acknowledge they exist and how they are to equip the Body) to help reach and teach people, the the lack of spiritual maturity in this area is HUGE.

I’m beginning to learn part of my ‘call’ is to encourage those who naturally have spiritual sensitivities and are filled with the Holy Spirit and are looking for support and guidance in growing in this area of which their current Church or community has no avenue to have conversations about these subjects. This is another reason I want to have more explore their connection with the Holy Spirit through boot camps. A small group that works daily individually and meets weekly as they explore their own connection to the Holy Spirit by studying the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their lives and having daily conversations with Him about them. 

If your spiritual life only revolves around the Sunday service — you’re just religious, just like the Pharisees in the New Testament. Real Jesus disciples converse with Him every day. How is that done today? Only by the Holy Spirit’s Presence in your life. Only by discerning His Voice within you. Who encourages you with this process in your life? Who do you turn to when you have questions? Find a community within the Body that allows you to ask these types of questions. Feed the fire of the Holy Spirit within you. Seek Him out moment by moment. Work on purposely growing in the knowledge of Him. Ramp up your prayer life. Make it constant. Ask Him to ‘connect’ you with other members in the Body with the same desires to grow in Him. Finding these groups are difficult and you will need His help.

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