Our Deepest Core

Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being,

    and you teach me wisdom in the secret heart. Psalms 51:6

In the life of our spiritual journey and history with God, He deals with us in ever deepening ways. He goes through each layer within us we didn’t know even existed till He reaches our very core and touches the true things there at that great depth. He undercuts all of our professions, doctrines, assumptions, pretensions, illusions, and customs… as there is no formalism at this depth, no religious rituals or outward observance of rites or ceremonies at our real core. There is no hiding there. God goes into our innermost being (inner parts). He is ever continuing to work there, if we will let Him. Do you recognize Him there? Do you have any understanding what He is doing there with us? This is the level in which He wants to bless us if we will begin to ‘walk with Him’ in that place. Like the man is Psalm 1 — God wants to have fellowship with us in our deepest core. 

For most of us the greatest fear for us is the revealing of our ‘secrets’. Often we fear having to look at that place of our closest held secrets and fears. God wants to meet us there with His gracious provision when we’ve transgressed, failed, and wronged others … and meet us in that place with His grace and forgiveness as we allow Him to heal us and cleanse us. The Holy Spirit will continue to pursue that space at our very core for His work of grace and redemption. The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are characterized by — TRUTH! And God desires and set His own heart upon having a people who are partakers of the Divine nature (His own), and so He is constantly working  towards this end with each one of us, so that what is true of Himself will be true of His children – those begotten of Him, that they would be true children of God. 

We must understand the importance of this work of God within us at our very core. Are we able to confront those secrets we don’t want look at… with Him? This is soul surgery. Jesus wields the knife in our inner most heart. Are we willing to climb on the table for Jesus to do surgery in us? Can we stop long enough to listen to what He wants to talk to us about? Does He bring wisdom to you there in that place — your secret heart? Can you quiet your soul and mind enough to allow His Voice to be heard by you?

This is the work He wants to do with us. 

Will you allow Him to do it? 

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