I am the Alpha and Omega

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. Revelation 22:13

Jesus IS the beginning and the end. We are to be an expression of that Truth. Christ is the all in all. This should be the governing matter and reality in all matters of life and work. This should be the starting point of the vocation of the Church ( the Body of Christ – gathering of His members ). This vast incomprehensible heavenly system / Truth of which Jesus Christ is the personal embodiment, should touch every detail of our life, personally and collectively.

It is the Holy Spirit who sees how that system is so in its complete comprehensiveness; as at the beginning of creation, and there has to be utter submission to the direction by the Lordship of the Holy Spirit. What the bloodstream is to the body, so is the ‘Divine Life in the Spirit of God’ to and in the ‘Church which is the Body of Christ’. The body’s nervous system with it’s electrical charges in the physical realm is like the Holy Spirit in the spiritual realms. As one begins to understand God’s physical creation in the natural you can begin to see how God has written His spiritual principles in heavenly realms as well, first in His Son, and then in His corporate Body.

The Holy Spirit works to form us into a ‘reproduction’ of the likeness of Christ. (Why the name / title Christian came about) Our ‘begetting’, conception, and formation in spiritual life is the very work of the Holy Spirit within us. Humans cannot do this formation, or ‘make’, or establish this change in others. Neither can anyone “join” or “enroll” or make themselves a member of this organism. So all the ‘talk’ about us ‘forming New Testament churches’ is nonsense. It is ONLY the work of the Holy Spirit. The VERY beginning is ‘seeing’ Christ for Who He is. This can ONLY come from the Holy Spirit to the mind of a human by Divine revelation.

Our detriment in modern Christianity comes from usurping the role of the Holy Spirit by controlling leaders who are power hungry. Spiritual Leaders take the place of the Holy Spirit to tell their ‘followers’ what God is saying to them. Jesus died to give every individual the opportunity to have access to the very heart of God (Holy Spirit) and bring them into His eternal Kingdom into intimate real personal relationship. Jesus came to give us a ‘choice’. Do we choose Him or do we choose ourselves to rule in our hearts? God has been giving this choice throughout His interaction with humankind since the beginning and throughout history. The culmination of the choice is embodied in Jesus Christ, who laid down His Divine place and submitted completely to the Father and took on human frailty to give us this opportunity. 

choose this day whom you will serve, Joshua 24:15

It is Jesus Himself who baptizes us with the Holy Spirit for those who ask Him. Our choice is whether we allow the Holy Spirit to do His work within us. Whether we can accept the instructions and conviction of the Holy Spirit within us, and whether we are willing to obedient to His Rhema Word to our heart … moment by moment.

It’s your choices that determine your path and depth of intimacy with Him.

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