Waves and Particles

QED. Quantum electrodynamics. The most proven theory in quantum physics.

Sometimes in my pursuit of God… I go read the latest and greatest REAL science theories on a matter. Unfortunately the REAL search for true science has become so corrupted by money and the powerful to advance the agendas of …control. Because REAL science is SO complex now the money it takes is literally astronomical and only is controlled / given by those who want their agendas furthered. So scientists have become the lap dogs of those holding the purse strings. I could say the same about regular medical doctors now. Independent scientists now are EXTREMELY rare … and poor. Plus they will never be allowed to share or take credit for their work, as it has all become … centralized in the way science is really allowed to be done or published. If it doesn’t conform to the narrative the ‘power controllers’ want — they will receive no more funds and that science stops. But enough of the spiral that is overtaking almost every industry on our planet now. 

Our universe is a marvelous thing. And the Designer and Maker is FAR beyond our comprehension. We don’t even know the basic elemental blocks that make up our own existence. They continue to collide and smash the smallest particles into one another and they are still discovering even smaller particles. We haven’t even found the bottom yet of the material we are made of.

Enter the spiritual. The unseen realm as Tolkien put it. The place ‘beyond’ our understanding of the material. Because we had no way of describing it … it became the ‘supernatural’ by definition and in the religious circles the spiritual realm. Many preachers preach about the spiritual but actually most have very little personal experience in it or with it. They ‘preach’ the scriptures without any depth of personal interaction with them. What many are taught to ignore is that most people can detect inauthenticity. We must learn to first be honest with ourselves before we try to convince someone else. If you don’t know — please don’t try to ‘fake it’. I’ve seen way to many Pastors trying to speak about things they really know very little about …personally. But we as a culture have been taught to revere the ‘actors’. The ones who just can deliver the lines well .. and make others believe them. Exactly how many pastors now are just …performing for their congregations? Our seminaries now are teaching them “how to perform” and “what to believe’ from the major arguments and intellectual constructs of other theological ‘experts’. Exactly how many of those ‘experts’ really have any relationship with the Holy Spirit Himself is …unknown.

What is the line between our spirit and our soul? What is the connection between our soul and our minds? What is the connection between our mind and our brain? We are far more advanced than our most prolific and smart scientists know currently. Yet… here we are. Are we a particle swept up in a wave? Or are we part of a wave that moves particles? Are we a spiritual being having a physical experience? Or are we a physical being attempting to break into the spiritual realm? I tend to believe the spiritual is the basis for the physical. Can I prove it? No. Unfortunately we as a whole of humanity don’t like questions we can’t answer for ourselves. I’ve found to enjoy the questions … just for the pursuit of the journey into the mysterious and unknown. Because now I have the Source to explain the mysterious to me.

Jesus came. He taught. Most didn’t get it. Jesus died. Jesus rose again. And still most didn’t get it. Jesus left but told some to wait. They didn’t get it … till He (the Holy Spirit) came upon them. Then THROUGH Him they BEGAN to understand and … get it. Some of the scriptures began to …make sense by those that were indwelled by Him. The Holy Spirit then even inspired some of them to write some things down. Was that the WHOLE of what the Holy Spirit knew? Was that the complete record of everything? And John’s last sentence in his gospel said… And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen. John 21:25

So I guess we need to read the text book AND do the experiments for ourselves. Because if you only read the text book and never test what’s in it .. all you’ve got is someone else’s … knowledge and not your own. Seems like just reading the textbook and not going any further you will be able to start a really good religion. Many did, and still do. 

Meeting the real ones who are actually out there testing things? Much much more rare. Find those people. I call them the remnant.

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