Ethics and the law

Does the ‘law’ involve morality, truth, or ethics? One would think so… but the scary truth is that it is becoming nothing but the wishes of those in control to push their values on everyone within the confines of their ‘law’. Laws are created by those ‘in charge’. Biblical standards are quickly now seen by many in governmental authority as ‘outdated’ and ‘racist’ and just plain wrong. China currently has laws that make gathering together as Christians and having a meeting illegal. All Churches in China must have government approval or will be determined to be illegal and subject to arrest, prison, and possibly torture and death. What about the current Iranian Christians who were protesting their government against unjust laws and were just arrested and now have been sentenced to death? Are all the Iranian laws and authorities correct in the ‘eyes’ of God? Should Christians in China ‘obey’ their government and all in light of Romans chapter 13? Or is there any nuance in understanding Romans chapter 13? What if the ‘laws’ approve of sexual immorality and the murder of the innocent? Does this mean that when the anti-Christ takes authority and rules that we should then obey him too? Where is the line or knowing what God has called us to do?

Didn’t Daniel disobey his governmental authority? Did God punish Daniel for his disobedience to the government authority? What about Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah? Didn’t they disobey their governmental authority? Then Who stood with them in the furnace? Didn’t Paul go against what the ‘authorities’ told him not to do? They threw him in prison how many times? 

Didn’t the apostles disobey their authority leaders when they told them to not preach anymore?  The issue of blind obedience to any and all authority is an issue that needs to be addressed and understood sooner than later. Our very own country is moving into a very dangerous area where they are removing Biblical principles, standards, values, and truths. Anyone quoting the Bible on sexual immorality can now be seen as promoting ‘hate speech’. And even if their arrest is incorrect by an unjust officer, and charged by an unjust prosecutor what happens when they stand before an ‘unjust’ Judge? Our current government has arrested, tortured, and held ( and still many remain in prison ) American citizens well beyond the laws and constitution of our land. Is that the authority we should be in obedience to?

How exactly should a Christian navigate this entire issue and area? By simply being led by the indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit. When a TC2 individual ponders this issue there is no debate or question— they follow the leading of the Holy Spirit OVER all others. Will that leading be against the current ruling authority, locally, statewide, or federally? It can, and the TC2 individual is ready to meet the consequences. Why? Because a TC2 individual understands to Whom they serve above all else, and they are not afraid of death. So I guess the real question is.. do you have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit that you can follow His lead and instructions?

So many in the pulpits over the last 50 years have preached complete obedience to governmental authority using Romans 13 as their ‘proof’. When if one takes the completeness of the Word — there are plenty examples of the people of God NOT obeying the local or ruling authority. When the current authority is at least following the laws and mandates written off the Biblical authority — then the people will flourish. But when the current authority is evil, then the people live in agony and many perish. Many people of God have fled the tyranny of evil authorities throughout the centuries (ie. My own ancestors), and by just that act were disobedient to those authorities. So what is the correct avenue to take?

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to us for these types of reasons. So that He might guide us in and through these very precarious times. So that we would know what to say when the evil authority accuses us of breaking ‘their’ laws. So that we would know how to navigate the evil that is more and more surrounding us with new unjust laws. So many laws now are being passed that literally are opposed to the constitution of our country, of which the authorities swore to protect. Cognitive dissonance is in play everywhere now. 

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