Cosmic warfare is increasing!

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12

This well known verse has mostly been quickly stated and not really explored in most sermons. Cosmic powers? What could every one of these descriptive terms mean exactly? The verse describes the ongoing warfare on the cosmic scale that actually effects us! It definitely implies that those powers, authorities, rulers, and spiritual forces are manipulating the war and using and manipulating human beings for their benefit in their efforts in the cosmic war against God and His chosen. Most all humans are under their influence without knowing it. The cosmic manipulative agenda, propaganda, and lies about the Creator God. It began in the Garden of Eden. Humankind was barely on this planet when the deception from the enemies of God began. This cosmic war affects us more than we understand.

Paul even talks about our spiritual armor just after this verse that we need to wear in this battle for earth and humankind. This cosmic battle seems to be ramping up, with both sides becoming more intense in their actions. Darkness and evil seem to be spreading now at an exponential pace, while the heavens and earthly nature seems to be becoming more volatile and destructive. The battle seems very visible now to me. The amount of innocent human blood is now being spilled is at a much higher pace and amount. Lies seem to be the normal thing now, whereas the truth is seen as the enemy. If someone speaks the truth they are almost immediately censored and berated. 

Are you noticing the changes happening? Are you more aware of the warfare surrounding you? Is the voice of the Holy Spirit becoming clearer in your mind and soul? Or are you being swept up in the tumultuous flood of evil rushing over the earth without any warning? Are you falling for the lies the enemies of God are telling you that it is ‘safe and effective’ and you should just comply and go along for the greater good of everyone else? The battle is increasing. The fervency is getting hotter. Death is becoming more noticeable as it increases around us, with people seemingly dropping dead for no apparent reason. All the while the ‘rulers’ are saying, “It’s fine, don’t worry, this is normal.” The ‘gas lighting’ lies is off the charts like never before. 

Have you done any study on the spiritual armor God has provided for you? Do you know how to utilize it correctly? Is the Holy Spirit giving you lessons in how to use it in different situations? Are you working on keeping an open ‘line’ with the Holy Spirit throughout your day? Are you asking Him questions for His direction and advice on what you should decide? Do you stop long enough to listen to Him? Is God directing you with financial instructions, as evil works to destroy and steal everyone’s money? God is OUR provision! Has the Holy Spirit been asking you to invest in eternal things? Do you give generously when He asks you to? Your eternal rewards will be for obedience to the Rhema Word (direct instruction) spoken to you heart, not for the religious formulaic practices. 

As the warfare intensifies the urgency to know what to do also rises as the danger gets closer and closer to us. Is your Captain giving you orders on what He wants you do be doing… everyday? Are His orders clear and personal to you? Are you even actively listening for Him? Are you expecting Him to speak to you? Now would be the day to be .. alert and listening to Him. 

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